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Version History
Lines of the poem Pyaar Kaa Naataa by Vinod Tewary have been used in many of the images below.

Version 9.1 - 19 Sep 2023

Change in the core code: the rule for calculating the maatraa for aadhaa akshar between 2 deergh swar has been changed. When there is an aadhaa akshar between 2 deergh swar (such as आत्मा), the aadhaa akshar has no maatraa. It is 2+2, instead of 2+1+2 as before. This is based on feedback from user MK Pandey.

Version 9.0

30 March 2023

Geet Gatiroop now supports analysis and visualization of Varnik chhand poems.


Version 8.2 - 21 Jan 2023

Added checkbox to activate Maapnee feature, and separate textbox for Maapnee. Maapnee is not to be given in poem box.

Re-implemented core logic in Elm.

Version 8.1 - 6 July 2022

Yati feature in Maapnee. When a space is there in the given meter pattern (example: 21222122 21222122), indicating Yati or pause, software will assess if the poem lines also have a word ending at that position and it will be visualised with a thick blue line.

Version 8.0

3 May 2022

Meter pattern (Maapnee) can be entered in first line of poem box (example: 21222122, or २१२२२१२२) and poem will be visualized. Even in the absence of a pattern, by default 1+1 is depicted as a fainter green (meaning, it is like 2), and 1 alone is depicted in blue. Color coding by rhyme moved to options.


Version 7.0

14 Feb 2022

Cleaner, more compact UI -- specially for mobile users. Poem type is now saved in DB. Moved codebase to Laravel 8.0. (details)

Version 6.2 - Dec 2020

Download visualization (pratiroop) as PNG. (details)

Version 6.1 - Oct 2020

Software detects rhyming lines and shows the rhyming ends in a different color. This might help the user notice the rhyming patterns in a poem and where the pattern is breaking.


Version 6.0

May 2020

Geet Gatiroop can be configured as a mobile app. User gets Geet Gatiroop icon within her mobile app icons. (details)

Version 5.3 - Jan 2020

Enabled user to select fixed-width vs flexible visualization. This can be helpful specially on the mobile where there is little screen space and the mobile can be easily rotated to change screen-width.

In fixed-width the size of a maatraa box remains fixed, the visualization will be wide or narrow based on the widest (longest) line in the poem. Hence the visualization may go out of screen. In flexible, the visualization fits into the available width on the screen. All maatraa boxes grow or shrink accordingly.

Version 5.2 - Dec 2019

Adjusted maatraa is displayed in another color. If the user adjusts the maatraa of any letter, it is displayed in another color. Thus the user knows where she has made adjustments and can undo them more easily if required. (details)

Version 5.1 - Dec 2019

Internal: size of visualization adjusts automatically as per screen width.

Version 5.0

Nov 2019

Internal: poem processing and visualization (Rhythmin-verse) code has been made Object-oriented -- a shift from purely a collection of functions and an array which holds the processed poem.

Version 4.0

Oct 2019

Simplified visualization. Earlier the visualization was as below:

Now it is:

The visualization was simplified because so many shapes and colors may cause needless coginitive overload for the user who needs to focus on her poem. The visualization is meant to assist her, not distract her from her focus. (details)

Version 3.0

Dec 2016

Ghazal feature. When the user activates the Ghazal feature, the software detects Radeef and Kaafiyaa and shows it in the visualization. (details)

Version 2.5 - August 2016

Shabd Sampadaa - Hindi thesaurus. Geet Gatiroop now connects to a Hindi synonyms database. This enables the user to search for other words of the same meaning and look for replacements appropriate for meter or rhyming or other her other expression objectives. This has been called Shabd Sampadaa. (details)

Version 2.1 - August 2016

User's poems are saved on the server in user's account. (details)

Version 2.0

Jul 2014

Free-verse feature. When the user activates the Free-verse feature, the software enables the user to connect multiple lines of the poem to get the composite maatraa value for those lines. The user can also mention what the base meter count of the poem should be. The software then shows how the maatraa count of the composite lines is as multiple of the base meter. (details)

Version 1.0

Jul 2013

First version of Geet Gatiroop launched. Software displays alphabets as per the maatraa applicable. The user can shorten the maatraa for 2-maatraa alphabets, and change the maatraa for half-letters. User can visually see the structure of the poem. If the lines of the poem have uniform maatraa the image created is of uniform width.

Shape of the boxes indicate vowels used (plain rectangle for अ and आ, trangle for इ and ई because they have a pointed sound, and so on.)
Vowels as Shapes

Colors are determined by the consonants as per the Devanagari Varnmala. क ख ग घ in one color, because they sound similar, च छ ज झ in another color etc.
Consonants in Color

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